Pencil Roll Tutorial

pencil roll with pencils

Every time we go for a long trip I buy the boys a packet of pencils so they can entertain themselves in the car. Their drawing books seem to last for ages, but pencils get lost, broken, used in craft creations, or just disappear to places unknown. I hope that the pencils will be more likely to stay together in the roll, hope that they don’t (like pencils in a box, or pencil case, or any other method of containing pencils I have tried) all fall out of the box onto the floor of the car two seconds after the kids open them. It may be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping a pencil roll will solve all my pencil woes (as long as they boys put their pencils back when they are finished with them…and that is probably the wishful thinking bit). Continue reading Pencil Roll Tutorial

Drawstring Library Bag

One of the most useful and most simple things to make kids is a library bag. Toby is able to borrow library books from his preschool and I’ve been dragging my feet on making him a bag. We finally got around to starting it earlier this week and we got it finished today. Toby loves using my sewing machine that has lots of different stitches on it. Continue reading Drawstring Library Bag

Superhero Capes

Superheros are big in our house at the moment. They aren’t something that have been touched on much until recently. Master 6 (Nathan) watched the Incredibles for the first time a few months ago, and he’s totally hooked. He has been bringing home Spiderman and Star Wars books from the school library, and now all the plush toys in the house now wear paper masks and capes. Continue reading Superhero Capes