Drawstring Library Bag

One of the most useful and most simple things to make kids is a library bag. Toby is able to borrow library books from his preschool and I’ve been dragging my feet on making him a bag. We finally got around to starting it earlier this week and we got it finished today. Toby loves using my sewing machine that has lots of different stitches on it. Continue reading Drawstring Library Bag

Circular Drawstring Toy Bag Tutorial

large circular drawstring toy bag

These circular drawstring bags are great for storing small items together, but come into their own when the kids can sit on the bag to play and, when finished, just pull on the draw-string to close the bag and tidy away all the toys. This type of bag is often used to store Lego…in fact, that’s what ours is used for. I made one ages ago and then was asked how I did it. I’ve been planning to do this tutorial ever since, and this weekend the kids and I decided it was time to get onto it! Continue reading Circular Drawstring Toy Bag Tutorial