Hat Sizing

I am currently making four sizes of kids sun hats.  For each product I provide a measurement range for the head circumference that the hat should fit. To determine the head circumference of your child, use a dressmaking tape measure and measure the head where a hat is expected to sit (across the middle of the forehead and above the ears). Do not pull tightly on the tape measure, but also make sure that the tape measure is not loose. If a tape measure is not available, use a piece of string (or similar) around the head and then measure with a ruler.

It is difficult to give an age range for each hat size. The average head circumference of boys and girls differ substantially, with girls generally having a smaller head circumference than boys of the same age. However, as a bit of a guide for the younger children, I would expect the XS size to fit babies 10 – 18 months of age, and the S size to fit 18 months – 3 years (girls 2 – 3.5 years).

Size XS will fit a head circumference of ~45 – 47 cm.

Size S will fit a head circumference of ~48 – 50 cm.

Size M will fit a head circumference of ~51 – 53 cm.

Size L will fit a head circumference of ~54 – 56 cm.

Until the online shop is active, please contact me by email (christine@wispythreads.com.au) if you wish to purchase any hats from the shop.  Please be advised that I will be away from Dec 15 – Dec 26, so I will be unable to fill any purchase requests until I return. A flat rate of $6* is charged for delivery.

*All prices on the Wispy Threads website are in AUD.

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