Drawstring Library Bag

One of the most useful and most simple things to make kids is a library bag. Toby is able to borrow library books from his preschool and I’ve been dragging my feet on making him a bag. We finally got around to starting it earlier this week and we got it finished today. Toby loves using my sewing machine that has lots of different stitches on it. Until today all he had done on the machine was to choose different stitches and then sew them onto a scrap of fabric as well as writing his name in different fonts.

Toby is 4 years old, so the reality is that there isn’t much he can do in the sewing room on his own. I cut out the two pieces of fabric needed for the bag. Toby helped pin the bag together, and while I was sewing the seams Toby pulled out the pins as required and put them away. He didn’t want his name appliquéd onto the bag, but he did want to sew his name on the front. Finally I sewed in the sleeve at the top of the bag for the cord. Toby chose the stitch to go around the top of the bag which would hold the seam down and programmed it into the machine. Other useful things he can do in the sewing room are choose matching coloured threads, snip long threads and empty the overlocker waste container. I enjoy having my 4-year-old in the sewing room with me. And he LOVES his new drawstring library bag.

2 thoughts on “Drawstring Library Bag

  1. Love it! Looks great….omg they are growing up so fast! Thanks for inspiration Christine
    . X

    1. The kids do grow up fast, don’t they! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. xx

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