Circular Drawstring Toy Bag Tutorial

large circular drawstring toy bag

These circular drawstring bags are great for storing small items together, but come into their own when the kids can sit on the bag to play and, when finished, just pull on the draw-string to close the bag and tidy away all the toys. This type of bag is often used to store Lego…in fact, that’s what ours is used for. I made one ages ago and then was asked how I did it. I’ve been planning to do this tutorial ever since, and this weekend the kids and I decided it was time to get onto it!

While I am certainly not the first to make bags of this style, I hope that you find this circular drawstring toy bag tutorial a bit different to others that are available. Please also note that this tutorial is for home use only.

You will need:
Fabric for your circle
Fabric to make your binding (or purchase binding already made)
Pen for marking the fabric
Binding tool to make 2.5 cm wide binding
Sewing machine
Thread to match your fabrics
Eyelets and hand press, hammer or eyelet pliers (depending on how you install your eyelets)
Cotton cord

Click the button to go onto the first step. Step 1 is Cutting out your Circle.

Step 1 – Cut Fabric Circle

If you want to jump to one of the other steps, the links are below.

Step 2 – Make Binding

Step 3 – Sew on Binding

Step 4 – Finish Bag

2 thoughts on “Circular Drawstring Toy Bag Tutorial

  1. This is fabulous Christine! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this tutorial. Its people like you that make the internet a wonderful place to be. I’m happy to see that my quilting skills will help with the binding : )

    1. Thanks Sophie! I’m glad you liked my first tutorial. I hope to get around to making more in the future. 🙂

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