Chin Straps

Here are the chin-strap options for the various hat styles.

Removable Chin Strap

Removable chin straps are available for reversible hats only, though if you want a removable chin strap with a sideband-tie hat then please contact me as it is possible as a custom order. To make the chin-straps removable, eyelets are added to each side of the hat where the sideband meets the brim and the chin strap is threaded from the bottom of the hat through the eyelet, around the back of the hat and then down through the eyelet on the other side. Chin straps with a hook-and-loop closure is included in the price of reversible hats up to size Kids Small. Longer chin straps with a cord-lock are optional extras for hats size Kids Small and larger.

Sewn in Chin Straps

Sewn-in chin straps are available as optional extras for sideband-tie hats and ponytail hats. Long straps with a cord-lock are generally used, but shorter straps with a hook-and-loop closure is an option that is offered on ponytail hats. Buttonholes are sewn into the brim so that the hook-and-loop chin straps can be pushed through to the other side, allowing the hat to remain reversible even with sewn-in chin-straps.

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