Circular Drawstring Toy Bag Tutorial

large circular drawstring toy bag

These circular drawstring bags are great for storing small items together, but come into their own when the kids can sit on the bag to play and, when finished, just pull on the draw-string to close the bag and tidy away all the toys. This type of bag is often used to store Lego…in fact, that’s what ours is used for. I made one ages ago and then was asked how I did it. I’ve been planning to do this tutorial ever since, and this weekend the kids and I decided it was time to get onto it! Continue reading Circular Drawstring Toy Bag Tutorial


We started a monthly newsletter this year. It’s been fun working out how to get it up and running, though I haven’t yet worked out if I can post the whole email directly to the blog here. However, I can post links. So, if you’d like to see what has been in our two newsletters this year, feel free to have a look at the links below. The next newsletter will be out in early March.

January Newsletter

February Newsletter

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

We have recently returned from the longest family holiday we have ever had. Not only was it three weeks long, but we set up base at our favourite campground in the Kosciuszko National Park and spent many relaxing days just enjoying nature. We celebrated my younger son’s 4th birthday with a volcano cake (the volcano bit was a last minute request that we managed to fulfil), did quite a bit of bushwalking, visited limestone caves and a thermal pool (which was much more pleasant than swimming in the Thredbo River which was a bit on the chilly side). Continue reading Happy New Year

November 2013 News

It’s been a busy few weeks since the Babywearing Expo. I want to thank everyone who dropped into my stall at the Expo, for the positive response to my work, and for the orders that have been keeping me busy! You certainly brought a smile to my face and a renewed energy to the business. Orders have been coming in from other areas too, and I’m always amazed and humbled by those who ask me to make hats when they haven’t seen my work other than online. To have such trust placed in me to make something they will (hopefully) like, when they’ve never seen one of my hats, is just incredible.

Now that I’ve nearly caught up with orders, I’m turning my thoughts towards what needs to be done next. I will be dropping off some wrap hats and headbands at Tinoki soon, hopefully next week. I’m also getting ready for my next market, the Kingston Arts Makers Market. This is an evening market (4 – 9 pm) on December 7 at the Kingston City Hall in Moorabbin, Melbourne. Entry is free and there will be more than 50 stalls to browse and entertainment as well. Continue reading November 2013 News

Hat Evolution

green train hat

The hats I have been making over the past two years have evolved quite a lot from the simple, reversible hats made from a commercially available pattern that I started with. I started the evolution by deciding that the hats needed chin straps, particularly for the babies and toddler hats. However, I didn’t want to sew chin-straps onto the inside of my reversible hats as it would essentially stop them from being reversible. Continue reading Hat Evolution

Babywearing Expo Giveaway


The first Australian Babywearing Conference and Expo is now less than a month away. So it’s time to give away some free tickets to the Expo which is on Sunday October 13 from 10 am to 3:30 pm. In addition to over 30 stalls of wraps, carriers and babywearing accessories to view and buy, there will be a fashion parade at 1:30 pm and babywearing demonstrations throughout the day. Continue reading Babywearing Expo Giveaway

Babywearing Conference and Expo

My blog has been more than a little neglected over the past few months. Not to worry as I have news now. Some of you know that I considered baby wearing to be a critical part of parenting when my boys were babies and toddlers. In fact, my younger son never saw the inside of a pram or stroller until he was walking, and even then it was only on a handful of occasions. I wore my boys everywhere; I just found it easier than other options. I had a soft structured carrier (SSC), some woven wraps, as well as a variety of homemade mei tai carriers and pouch slings. Continue reading Babywearing Conference and Expo

Cloth Nappy Hunt March 2013


We are a sponsor of the Cloth Nappy Hunt again. It is a scavenger hunt that will run during the month of March. Hunters register for free (registrations open mid February) and they aim to find as many icons as possible, and those who find a certain number of icons go into a draw for various prizes donated by the sponsors. Most of the sponsors also offer a discount or similar for hunters during the Hunt, so some people register for the Hunt just to receive the discount code and don’t bother hunting for icons…they just go shopping! The aim of the Hunt is to promote work-at-home-mum/parent businesses. So who is going hunting this year?